The combination of our sanitation booths along with our patented solution is proven to kill any surface contact pathogens on a person who passes through our booth.   

Once a person enters the tunnel our solution is dispersed by a fogging method. This fog is a result of our solution being atomised and will reach micro-organisms in all areas where the it touches without leaving a feeling of wetness.   

Our booths come with a variety of options which can include temperature monitoring, facial recognition and the possibility of linking our booth to an on-site time and attendance package.  

For larger applications such as stadia, festivals or any other event that needs a high volume of sanitation, be-spoke multi pass through booths are available.

Please contact us for further details on the options above.  

Developed with the latest technology, the system provides advanced hygiene in accordance with all necessary quality standards. It is seen as a revolutionary product in the field of biosafety, as it provides a molecular level penetration to the entire outer volume of the disinfected person.

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