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The unique NOVID fogging sanitation system delivers an extra level of sanitation security for your business or organization, helping to keep you, your staff and customers save from viruses and bad bacteria, that compliments your normal cleaning routine.

Our exclusive premium RBT sanitation fogging fluid contains NO alcohol, NO chlorine or other harsh chemicals, and is 99.999% effective in killing all known bacteria and viruses, including the Covid strains.

The NOVID fogging sanitation system is easy to use and cost effective. It ensures you; your staff and customers are entering a 99.999% sanitized safe environment.

How the NOVID sanitation system works.

NOVID will provide you with a fogging device that is easy to use and maintained by us. All you need to do is purchase an RBT sanitation fluid starter pack, and agree a flexible monthly fluid top up. We will also provide a sanitation mat at entrances if required to help prevent walk in contamination.

The NOVID sanitation system is contract free.

The NOVID sanitation system is suitable for ALL business and organizations including, Hairdressers, Retail, Offices, Shopping Center’s, manufacturing, processing etc.



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