Fogging Sanitation Systems

The unique NOVID fogging sanitation system delivers an extra level of sanitation security for your business or organization, helping to keep you, your staff and customers save from viruses and bad bacteria, that compliments your normal cleaning routine.


Fleet Sanitation

The Novid managed drive through fleet sanitation system was developed to provide transport companies operating fleets of Trucks, Bus’s, Vans, Busy commercial traffic sites, ports with disembarking commercial vehicle traffic etc.

Ardmore Physical Therapy

Brian Power owns Ardmore Physical Therapy, Ardmore, Co. Waterford. 

“I will be using the fogging device to sanitise my clinic, the beds and the entire room. I can assure my clients that they are safe when they enter the front door as everything in the room and clinic is sanitised. The fogging device will add an extra barrier of protection when cleaning the clinic after each client and at the end of the day. No matter how much cleaning people do you can’t get everything and everywhere clean that’s why I have invested in NOVIDs fogging device.”

Colligan Falls Cottages

Clodagh Beresford runs Colligan Falls Self Catering Holiday Cottages, Dungarvan, Co.Waterford.

“At Colligan Falls we open generally during the summer months to couples and families but this year we were particularly concerned with Covid-19 and how we were going to assure our customers that the houses were clean which led to us closing our doors to the public since March 2020. We also have highly vulnerable people living on site that are part of our family run business and we didn’t feel it was safe to open.

NOVIDs fogging device with RBTs solution has given us huge assurance that on top of our high standard hygiene practices, that our family and our guests visiting the accommodation that it is 100% sanitized. The fogging device is easy to use so our staff can operate it when there is a quick turnaround of guests. As we have an outdoor pool area we can use NOVIDs fogging device on sun loungers and railings knowing that it will not affect the environment and add a barrier to all of the surfaces to fight viruses and bacteria. Overall we are delighted with the fogging device and the service provided by NOVID.”

Whitechurch National School

Michael (Principal) & Alison (Infants Teacher) at Whitechurch N.S., Cappagh, Co.Waterford.
“We are very impressed with NOVIDs fogging devices. The speed of it is very convenient as it would take over an hour to clean a classroom everyday but the fogging devices ensure that the room is sanitised and kills viruses for the whole day when kids are in school. Our main interest with NOVID was how RBTs solution is environmentally friendly as here at Whitchurch we are a Green School. Our image of fogging was someone dressed head to toe in PPE coming in after school hours. The fact that we can do the fogging ourselves gives us peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to protect the students. Also knowing that RBTs solution is water based is beneficial as it is gentle on skin and is non-corrosive. We use NOVIDs Fogging Device 2, which is a 5ltr tank twice a week to fog the entire school to ensure each surface is safe to touch. As an infant’s teacher young children touch everything so I use NOVIDs small Fogging Device once a day when the kids have gone home to areas that you would miss when manually cleaning. All in all we are delighted to be using NOVIDs fogging devices with RBTs solution and the team at NOVID have been a pleasure to work with.”

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